Everyday my children teach me about enjoying life’s small pleasures. I can’t say that I always appreciate it. I am task oriented and often focused on getting to the store; getting through the bedtime routine or getting the laundry done. My children, however, enjoy the process of the task and could care less about whether it gets done. They enjoy the walk to the playground as much as the swings once we get there.

I can’t always indulge them. Sometimes we really have to get to the store before it closes or tackle the pile of laundry. But when I can, I try to enjoy the world through their eyes…noticing every intricacy in the sidewalk; waving hello to the people walking by; and noticing the sights and sounds around us. I try to reserve a time in the afternoon when my children can lead the way; when I can follow in their footsteps and appreciate the things I take for granted. During these times I enjoy the walk and don’t worry about the destination.