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How Parent Coaching Works

There is an abundance of information telling us how we should parent. This information is not always accurate or right for your family. I help parents tune out the noise of what they think they should be doing and tune into the needs of their family. Doing this results in more confidence in your own parenting, an increased understanding of your child, fewer power struggles and stronger relationships.

Parent Coaching is a tailored approach to addressing your biggest parenting concerns. In a nonjudgmental way I will work with you to understand the issue, develop strategies to address it and make daily parenting a little less challenging allowing you to enjoy your time with your children more.

Rather than hunting for the right answer online or in a parenting book that you don’t have time to read, I will take into consideration your family dynamics, your needs, the needs of your child and help you come up with strategies that fit with your daily life and are not impossible to implement or follow through on.

My Journey as a Parent Coach

Some of the common themes I address in both individual and group seminars are:

  • Connection
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Infant Sleep
  • Development
  • Partner Communication
  • The Power of Play
  • Temperament
  • Academic Success
  • Discipline
  • Reducing Power Struggles
  • Screen Time
  • Anxiety

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